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Mjolnir Viking pendant

Viking Pendants These Viking pendants are worn on a leather thong or chain around the neck. STERLING SILVER & BRONZE VIKING PENDANTS The following pendants are available either in a rich golden bronze or in sterling silver. All of our Viking jewellery is solid, chunky and heavy unless otherwise specified. Viking axe pendants Viking axe head pendants covered in intricate Viking knotwork designs.

Viking spear pendants Viking spear pendants based upon original Viking spear heads.

Viking wolf pendants Viking wolf pendants based upon Viking Age finds. The wolves Geri and Freki ("Ravenous" and "Greedy") were the companions of Odin and would feast upon the dead after battle. Fenrir the wolf is the spawn of Loki and will do battle with the gods at Ragnarok.

Viking raven pendants Viking raven pendants copied from a Viking casket. Hugin and Munin ("Thought" and "Memory") are Odin's ravens who fly all over Middle Earth to gather information for him. Magical raven banners were sometimes carried by the Vikings into war. Ravens are much attested to in Viking poetry for feasting upon the dead after battle.

Viking dragon pendants Viking dragon pendants copied from Viking Age finds. Dragons feature often in Viking artwork and could represent Fafnir the dragon who was slain by Sigurd in the Saga of the Volsungs.

Norse God Pendants Representations of the Norse Gods in bronze and silver. Odin, Thor, Frey, Freya, Skadi and Ull.

Norse Mythology Pendants Copies of Viking Age finds based upon Norse Mythology. Sleipnir, Fafnir and Valkyrie.

Viking Crystal pendants Copies of Viking finds from Gotland handmade from sterling silver and polished rock crystal. Viking crystal balls and crystal lenses.

Viking amber pendants Pendants handmade from genuine Baltic amber and polished to a high sheen.

Viking ship pendants Copy of an original Viking ship design from a Gotland picture stone.

Viking rune pendants Pagan Viking rune pendant with the luck runes GIBU AUJA.

Iron Viking pendants Viking pendants хэнд forged from iron.

Viking ear spoon pendant Copy of a Viking ear spoon from Birka with an image of a Valkyrie.

Viking bear, key, horn and cross pendants Gripping beasts, keys, drinking horns and Germanic cross pendants


Round section genuine rolled leather thong for suspending your pendant. Length 80cm / 31".

Forging a pendant thor's hammer mjolnir necklace